Everything You Need To Know About Gelish…

What is gelish?

This is a modern way of applying colours under a UV or LED lamp to cure/ completely dry the nails.

What are the benefits of having gelish vs normal nail varnish?

Gelish dries instantly under a UV or LED lamp whereas normal nail varnish takes a while before drying.

Gelish manicures lasts longer than normal nail varnish.

No chipping or smudging with gelish.

Gelish helps strengthen and grow your natural nails.

What are the steps involved to complete a gelish manicure or pedicure?

Cleansing the hands or feet. Cutting the nails, filing, shaping. Apply cuticle remover or cuticle softener, push back the cuticles. Remove any dead skin around the cuticle area. Buff the nails and wipe the nails with a lint free wipe and gelish prep/ cleanser, or acetone.

Apply base coat and cure for 30 seconds in the LED lamp. Your choice of colour (usually 2 to 3 coats), cure for 45 to 60 seconds for each coat. Apply top coat and cure for 60 seconds.

Apply cuticle oil to nourish the cuticles.

How long does gelish last?

Gelish lasts much longer than normal nail varnish. It can last 4 weeks on the toes, and 2 and a half weeks on the hands, even 3 weeks with proper care.

What can be done to ensure my gelish manicure lasts?

Do not use your nails as tools.

When doing dishes and cleaning use gloves.

Do not bite or pick your nails.

Apply hand and nail cream regularly.

Apply cuticle oil before bed each night.

How do I remove gelish?

Gently filing the top layer/ top coat. Soak a piece of cotton wool with acetone and wrap the nail with foil for 20 minutes. Remove the foil and gently scrap off the gel using a cuticle push back tool. File, buff and apply cuticle oil.

Does gelish damage my nails?

The removal process of gelish is vital and this can determine the state of your nails. If the removal process is completed correctly, and your nails were well looked after and maintained during the wear of gelish, no damage will then take place. The strength of your nails is also determined by how much filing and buffing takes place. Never over file and over buff nails as this will remove layers of the nail causing thin, brittle nails.

Take a break for about 1 week in between gelish applications to ensure the health of your nails.

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